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SERVPRO of Richmond Clean Crew

SERVPRO of Richmond is a proud sponsor of VCU Men's Basketball! Our SERVPRO of Richmond Clean Crew is always hard at work making sure the courts are clean and dry for the players! 

Mold Lunch and Learn

This past week, a couple of our team leaders discussed the topic of mold during a lunch and learn with the maintenance directors and regional managers of multiple living care facilities. One of our sales and marketing representatives scheduled this lunch and learn per the request of these property leaders. They were interested in learning more about mold and the processes SERVPRO of Richmond takes to remediate and treat the affected areas. We think it's important to educate our clients to make sure they know what exactly they are dealing with when they come across a growth situation in their properties.

Employee Kudos Board

At SERVPRO of Richmond, we want each and every employee to feel valued and appreciated. So we enacted an Employee KUDOS wall displayed in our warehouse! This board allows anyone to write something nice about a fellow coworker to show appreciation or highlight a job-well done! We think it’s important, especially in a large company, to make sure we lift up our employees, acknowledge their hard work, and let them know they are valued.

New Training Room

This space use to house our project managers and team leaders I our old office building. Since we have moved into a larger 50,000 square foot facility next door, our old building was transformed into a training center. Our new training center has three drop-down projector screens and can seat over 100 people. This will allow us to old large numbers for our IICRC training classes, CE classes and many other events! SERVPRO of Richmond is always growing and improving.

Fleet To Florida

When disaster strikes, SERVPRO of Richmond is always ready for whatever happens. Last year's hurricanes brought heavy rain and winds to Floriday causing flooding and sever damage. Our Extreme Team Bahen set out with a green fleet to assist any large business in need. Because we have the right tools, vehicles and professionals, we are dedicated to help our to our friends in need.

SERVPRO Takes on Moldy Pallets

SERVPRO of Richmond has just begun a large project right here in our warehouse. A company was carrying 1,200 pallets from overseas into the US when the pallets were exposed to heavy moisture and water. Needless to say, these pallets sitting in moisture for an extended period of time began to produce growth. 

Our team was able to come up with a game plan to handle a job this large. The process consisted of cleaning, remediating and re-wrapping all 1,200 pallets. A 60 x 30 containment area filled with air scrubbers was constructed inside our warehouse to perform the necessary measures to get these pallets cleaned and free of mold. It was important to build a containment area to keep the air scrubbers working efficiently in a confined space.

Moldy Items Remediated

SERVPRO of Richmond has the ability to treat your items affected by mold damage. Using our Esporta Washing System, this moldy briefcase was cleaned and remediated of mold and returned back to one happy customer

Large Water Damage

SERVPRO of Richmond was called into action after a main water pipe burst affecting multiple floors in this large commercial building. This is a photo of the atrium of this major corporation data center.

University Fire Damage

This University in Virginia experienced a fire in one of there on campus dorms. The fire started in a utility room causing extensive damage, as well as water damage from the sprinklers. The damage extended to all four floors of the building. Luckily, our SERVPRO of Richmond Extreme Team has the tools, people and equipment to handle large commercial losses such as this one.

Heavy Rain, Flooded Basements

Unfortunately, basements are susceptible to flooding every time a strong storm hits. The intrusion of rain water is mostly from backyards flooding and sewer systems backing up. This water can damage walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture, and lead to the possibility of mold. SERVPRO of Richmond has over 30 years experience cleaning up water damages after storms have hit. We understand the necessary steps it takes to properly extract the water and dry out the affected areas before mold creeps in.

Water Damage Restoration

When your Richmond home or business has water damage from flooding or leaks, we have the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. The water removal and water cleanup process is completed by our highly-trained technicians who will document the drying process. This validates that your property has been dried properly and thoroughly.

Moldy Bag Remediated

SERVPRO of Richmond's state-of-the-art Esporta Washing system is designed to thoroughly clean items affected by mold or soot/smoke damage. This bag had a high mold and moisture count before it was run through our Esporta system.

SERVPRO of Richmond Golf Cart

Did you know that SERVPRO of Richmond loves supports our local community by volunteering at golf tournaments? We have clients and friends from multiple organizations that compete in golf tournaments that raise awareness for many charitable organizations. SERVPRO of Richmond has our very own portable hot dog cart that accompanies us to these tournaments. We love handing our hot dogs and beverages to the players and talk to them about the services SERVPRO of Richmond can offer for our commercial clients!

We Are An Extreme Team

SERVPRO of Richmond is an Extreme Team. This means that we have the necessary tools, man-power and equipment to respond to a large loss that may be outside our footprint. Whether it's a small kitchen fire or a whole building up in flames, we have the tools and experienced professionals to get the job done right.

Soot Damaged Items

When a fire erupts in your home, not only will there be significant damage from the flames, but there will also be soot and smoke damage throughout the affected areas. Soot will cling to almost everything and leave your personal items black and smelling like smoke. Our SERVPRO of Richmond professionals can clean your delicate items with our advanced ultrasonic cleaning system.

When A Storm Strikes, We Strike Back

A lot can go wrong during a heavy down pour and high winds. Flooded basements, leaky roofs, and flooded crawlspaces are all likely situations after a storm. SERVPRO of Richmond has the experience to handle any type of water damage that can affect your home or business. If a tree falls on your roof, our team will quickly respond to tarp it up, extract the water, remediate the damage, and even put it back together! Because we have a reconstruction division, SERVPRO of Richmond is a one-stop shop after a storm blows through.

We Know Mold

Not only is mold ugly and scary, but it also can have negative impacts on your health. Older adults and young children are especially prone to these affects and it is important to act fast when mold is first spotted. Without proper care from a certified professional, the mold can reappear and cause more stress to your family. Call SERVPRO of Richmond immediately to remediate the mold in your home.

SERVPRO of Richmond

Whether it's a small leak or a big fire we are ready 24/7. Our equipment is ready to go at all times, as well as our fully-loaded tractor trailer for large losses. SERVPRO of Richmond has the tools, the people and the vehicles to quickly respond to any size disaster.

Rug Cleaning System

SERVPRO of Richmond understands the importance of commercial facilities to stay clean and sanitized. Many commercial buildings have rugs that quickly build up dirt and allergens that are not easily removed with only a vacuum. SERVPRO of Richmond now has a new state-of-the-art rug cleaning system that thoroughly dusts, pre-washes, washes, and dries rugs of all forms - even delicate oriental rugs.

Moisture Reading

When a water damage occurs in your home, it is important to call the professionals who have over 30 years of experience remediating and restoring homes from water damage. Our project managers and crew members have the tools necessary to extract the water and dry out the affected areas. They know where to look and how to handle any water damage situation. SERVPRO of Richmond will respond 24 hours a day to emergency water services.

Electronics Cleaning System

When a fire occurs in your home or business, the soot and smoke from the fire will affect everything. Not only will there be significant damage from the flames, but the smoke will travel throughout the home or building and stick to everything in it's path. SERVPRO of Richmond has invested in an Electroclean Cleaning system. This system tests and cleans a multitude of electronic devices, such as this flat screen TV pictured to insure your electronics are cleaned and in working order after a fire damage.

SERVPRO in Action After Storm Damage

Did you know that SERVPRO of Richmond also has a reconstruction division? After our mitigation crews come in an remediate any water damage, our reconstruction crews will demo all areas and reconstruct them. This is an example of a restoration technician repairing a wall in a school in New Jersey.

SERVPRO Storm Cleanup

SERVPRO of Richmond has an incredible team of crew members who consistently work hard to quickly and efficiently clean up a disaster. Here is an example of our emergency response team in action cleaning up a school in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Water Damage? Act Fast!

It is important to quickly act on a water damage in your home or business. Mold can quickly arise from a water damage and spread in as little as 48-72 hours. SERVPRO of Richmond has over 30 years of mold remediation experience.

New Fire Cleaning System Training

SERVPRO of Richmond is always looking for new and innovative tools to help us become more efficient and stay up-to-date on the latest technology in the restoration field. This new ultrasonic cleaning system carefully cleans items affected by soot and smoke damage.

SERVPRO of Richmond Ribbon Cutting

SERVPRO of Richmond is constantly growing! We are happy to expand our facility and create more opportunities to help out our local communities in case of a disaster. Because we are growing larger each day, we have the man-power to take on large losses in commercial buildings all over the nation! We are always ready for whatever happens!

Local Property Manager Tradeshow

Our sales and marketing representatives here at SERVPRO of Richmond always enjoy having the opportunity to speak to our local property managers about our services. As well as provide them with more knowledge of what we can do for their properties in the event of a disaster.

Damaged Stuff Animal After Fire

Not only can SERVPRO of Richmond restore your home after a fire; but our crews can also save those precious belongings inside your home. Using our Esporta Washing System, we were able to clean this stuffed animal from soot and smoke damage.

Moldy Black Leather Shoes

We can even handle remediating moldy leather shoes! Notice on the meter the moisture level and mold count is so high. Our highly-trained crews have the experience to handle a tricky item like leather.

Different Types of Fires Need Different Extinguishers

Did you know? If it's a grease fire or electrical fire, baking soda is needed. Never Water! Baking soda will put out the flames safely, while water could make the fire grow even larger!

Professionals at Work

Our SERVPRO of Richmond project managers have the experience and expertise to carefully explain the processes needed in an event of a water damage. They will walk you through step-by-step and make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the drying and restoration process!

Water Damage After a Storm

This commercial retail store experienced a significant water damage to the men's bathroom and warehouse. A heavy storm brought storm water into this commercial facility. The water affected the floors and walls and created heavy damage. Our SERVPRO of Richmond team quickly responded to address the damage. Our crews began to extract the water and sanitize the areas immediately. Our professional water restoration company understands the important of getting a commercial facility back to business as quickly as possible. That's why SERVPRO of Richmond responds to 24-hour emergency fire and water services. You never know when a storm will hit, but SERVPRO of Richmond will always be available and here to help our communities.

This North Carolina Middle School's Gym Went Up In Flames

This year, SERVPRO of Richmond was called to action when this middle school in North Carolina went up in flames. Luckily, SERVPRO of Richmond is an Extreme Team, which means we are able to travel quickly to any disaster with our fully-loaded tractor trailer that is ready to go at all times. In a week's times, the SERVPRO of Richmond team cleaned up the gym floor as well as the ceiling.

Richmond sewage cleanup - Tub and Toilet overflowed into home

This homeowner was on vacation when this tub backed up. There was extensive damage to the home. Sewage backups and dark water intrusions are more than nasty, smelly deposits – these damages also introduce harmful microorganisms into a structure. SERVPRO of Richmond Professionals removes the sewage, contaminants, and moisture, and helps ensure the structure is properly cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized. Our Team arrived at 3:00 a.m. responding to an emergency call from the owner and their insurance company to extract the water and began cleaning the home. SERVPRO of Richmond Professionals provides fire and water damage restoration services. SERVPRO of Richmond proudly serves Richmond, Henrico, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Short Pump, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chester, Hopewell, and surrounding areas.

Dental Office Flood Damage Herico Va

This hallway was damaged due to a strong storm causing a major roof leak. SERVPRO came in late on a Saturday after the office staff and Insurance company called, we boarded up and dried the damage. SERVPRO had dry out the water in just under 1 week. SERVPRO of Richmond - is a 24/7 emergency water removal and flood clean up repair Service Company, Richmond, Henrico, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Short Pump, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chester, Hopewell, and surrounding areas. Water comes from everywhere and our certified technicians can clean and dry any flood better than its original state. * 24/7 Fire Damage Restoration Service * 24/7 Flood Damage & Water Damage Service * 24/7 Sewage Damage & Sewage Removal Service * 24/7 Mold Remediation *24/7 Bio-hazard Suicide Clean *24/7 Fire Window Roof Board-up

Water Damage To Hardwood Flooring In Richmond

Water damage to the hardwood flooring in this Richmond home crept in over a period of time. Their dishwasher had a slow leak and by the time residents noticed the problem it was too late. After bring this up to their insurance company, they were informed that it was not covered because it was not a "accident". We had to extract (vacuum) the water out, and remove the damaged building materials along with the mold growth, and rebuild the rooms. The home now looks better than before the water leak! SERVPRO of Richmond is a 24/7 emergency water removal and flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation from sewage damage clean up, mold removal, smoke damage repair, fire damage repair, flooded basement, wet carpet, wet walls, carpet water damage, basement water damage, flooded crawl space, sewer backup, sewage removal, mud removal.

Mold damage resulting from water damage shut down this Chesterfield store front

This storefront shop suffered water damage from the fire suppressing system. After removing the effected drywall and ceiling tile the repairs were completed quickly and the store was back in business. If you think you might have a mold problem, call SERVPRO of Richmond at (804) 740-6151 to schedule an inspection or mold removal.

In most water damage situations, mold growth is not a problem, and SERVPRO of Richmond Professionals can safely restore your home or business to pre-loss condition. The need to address the mold removal can only be determined by an on-site, indoor environmental inspection. SERVPRO of Richmond proudly serves Richmond, Henrico, Glen Allen, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Short Pump, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chester, Hopewell, and surrounding areas.